Saturday, December 5, 2009

Returning home

We got up at 6:30 and headed back to San Francisco.

Andrew had an interesting experience in security. The x-ray machine revealed that he had a pocket knife in his backpack which he didn't know was there. It appears the woman operating the search saw our dismay, as well as the fact that it took a long time and another pass through the x-ray just to locate where the knife was. To our complete surprise, when she finally found the knife deep in an inner pocket, she quietly dropped it back into the pocket, zipped up the pack, and handed it back to Andrew with a slight smile. We thanked her, not too profusely to draw attention, and went on our way, chucking to each other all the way to the gate.

Then when we got to Frankfurt, we discovered the only way to get to our international flight was to pass through security again! Oh no, the knife was still in his carry-on backpack. Andrew debated with himself about what to do and decided to test his luck again I was aghast at the idea so I went through first because we both knew I'd give it away in an instant if he was questioned. So he just blithely let his pack go through the x-ray machine again. This time the attendent just didn't notice the knife in the bag and let him pass through! We went through two security checkpoints??? Unbelievable!

The knife flew home with us in the overhead storage compartment and we had a chance to move it into our checked bag before going through customs and another security checkpoint in Philadelphia.

We finally arrived in San Francisco exactly 24 hours after we had awakened in Prague, tired and very happy to be back home in our own culture tackling problems we know about rather than facing ones we don't know at every turn.

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