Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day two in Prague

In the morning we went back to the square and found our guide from the day before and joined her three and a quarter hour walking tour of "old town" and its surroundings. Here are the pictures from the tour.

After the tour we went to the Municipal House, which we had seen on the tour and were drawn back there to get tickets to the symphony that night and to have a closer look at this beautiful example of Czech Art Nouveau/Art Deco style building. While there we decided to have lunch in the cafe and made reservations to have dinner in the even fancier restaurant after the concert that night in Smetana Hall in that same building.

Here are the pictures (probably more than you want to see) that we took both outside and inside the building.

Now its time to tell you the sad news. At this point I went back to the hotel and downloaded all the pictures to my laptop for the last time. After spending two more days taking pictures, my camera was stolen (see more about that in the entry for Dec. 4) and all those pictures were lost. It happened that Andrew's camera had gotten dropped and was no longer working, so we have no more pictures to show from this point on.

That evening we attended a concert by the Prague Symphony Orchestra in Smetana Hall, which is located inside the Municipal Building. I must have taken a thousand pictures of ever little detail in that building, it was so beautiful!

The dinner in the fine restaurant in the Municipal Building was excellent, in both food and service. The atmosphere was formal and elegant. We ate for two hours, long after everyone else had left the restaurant, so we tipped the waiters and pianist and hat check woman well for staying late for just us. When I mentioned to the waiter that we were taking so long to eat dinner (it was a huge meal and we were savoring every bite), the waiter responded graciously, "We are here for you. Don't worry about it."

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