Friday, November 20, 2009

Our second day in Salzburg

On our second full day in Salzburg we decided to start with a two-hour bus tour and then go to the Mozart Wohnhaus, which is an apartment where Mozart lived for a number of years that has been converted into a museum. When we left there, we walked over the bridge to Old Town, passed the house where Mozart was born, and found our way through the narrow streets and tunnels to the start of the funicular railway up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress.

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Touring Salzburg

When we got back to the hotel, we found out we could get tickets to a ballet next door and we had just enough time to eat dinner (another fabulous meal of German delights) and run to the ballet. It was a modern dance homage to Marilyn Monroe called simply "Marilyn." It told the story of her life, complete with film clips and newsreel footage, songs she sang, dresses she made famous, and the dance incorporated many of her mannerisms and famous poses. There were many familiar characters, including her psychiatrist, Arthur Miller, Joe Dimaggio, Bert Stern, Clark Gable, Bobby Kennedy, and several others. One ballerina played Norma Jean and another played Marilyn with several others also playing Marilyn in various film roles. The overall message seemed to be about the tragedy created by superficial American values of glamour and sexuality imposed on this vulnerable celebrity who used drugs to survive until they killed her. It was a phenomenal work of art, beautifully and powerfully performed, which was choreographed by Peter Breuer.

Finally we went back to the hotel and spent a couple of hours packing before collapsing in bed after one of the longest, most exhausting days we can remember spending in a long time.

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