Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day two in Vienna

As soon as we finished breakfast, we visited the Sessionist Building Museum, which houses a friez painted by Gustav Klimpt in 1902 to honor Beethoven. Unfortunately, photos of the friez are not allowed, so here is a picture of it I found on the web, though it is on its side. (Be sure to force your browser to display it full size or else it will look like a thin ribbon on the left edge of your browser.) This painting expands around three walls of the room it was painted in and therefore no reproduction can do it justice.

The building itself is an example of Viennese Art Deco architecture. Here are the pictures we took of the outside of the building:

Afterwards we had lunch with Leila at Cafe Schwarzenberg again. Then we bought pastries at a small shop near hotel and went back to the hotel for an afternoon nap. That evening we attended Leila's second Vienna concert, again with enthusiastic audience appreciation. Afterwards we had dinner in the basement of the Konzerthaus with the conductor, Maestro Kitajenko, and his wife.

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