Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, Copenhagen

We did not sign up for a planned excursion in the morning, so we took a taxi into the heart of the shopping district and spent the morning walking around in town taking pictures and shopping for a pair of sandals for Andrew. In the afternoon, we had another opportunity to spend hours on a private tour of the newly built opera house. It makes you wonder if these Scandinavian countries are vying with each other for the most spectacular opera house. LIke Oslo, Copenhagen's is also beautiful and lavish and awesome.

After a brief rest back at the ship, Andrew expressed a desire to go to Tivoli Gardens and promised to ride the roller coaster with me. Tivoli Gardens, which first opened in 1843, was said to be Walt Disney's inspiration for his theme parks. Incredibly, Andrew rode three roller coasters and another ride that had us flipping upside down as we spun around high in the air. I guess we got too excited by all the thrill rides because now I regret I didn't take any pictures of the rides. We did get a few by a fountain in the amusement park though.

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