Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday, June 9, Oslo

We docked at Oslo at 8am on Monday. Have you ever wondered how much can be squeezed into one day when you have only had one hour of sleep? We found out on this day. Because of the fourteen hour night on Saturday night, neither of us could sleep even after taking a sleeping pill on Sunday night. We think we got an hour of sleep at most, but that didn't stop us from participating in every opportunity to see all the sites we could the next day.

We started with a shore excursion to an Norwegian national "open air museum" where a number of ancient structures from all over the country had been transported. The first was a tiny church made of wood called "staves". It was only about 12 feet by 20 feet inside with no benches. It was standing room only apparently for the worshippers.

After touring the other houses in the collection, we were off to a Viking ship museum where we viewed the remains of three Viking ships, dated from about 900 A.D. along with a number of other artifacts unearthed along with them.

After lunch back at the ship, a small group of us were taken on tour of the new opera house of Oslo, by special arrangement through Classical Action. Andrew and I walked from the ship to the opera house, but it was farther than we were told so we were late. Fortunately, they were very accommodating and helped us find the right group to join after about fifteen minutes.

Finally, we had just one hour to taxi across the city to see the Vigeland Sculpture Garden, which Andrew had previously told me about. It is a huge park full of sculptures of men, women, and children, by a single artist. We had to race through the park snapping pictures and then grab a taxi back to the ship just in time before the ship set sail for Copenhagen.

Here are the pictures from the day. Hopefully they can give you a better idea of what we saw than I could adequately describe:

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